Fighting the Great Patriotic War

This is a summary of the series of games I've been playing, "Fighting the Great Patriotic War one battle at a time" written by Andrew Rolph. The series was published by Miniature Wargames (with Battlegames, as was at the time).

The scenarios are based on the WWII Ostfront between 1941 and 1943.

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Blitzkrieg Commander II revival
This is an introduction to the series of games with a link to the published scenarios.

BKC II - The Red Empire Strikes Back
Scenario 1.
This scenario is set at the beginning of Operation Barbarossa in June 1941 and is a Soviet counterattack against a German position with German reinforcements on the way.

BKC II - The Stalin Line
Senario 2.
It’s still early in Operation Barbarossa in July 1941 and the Germans have come up against The Stalin Line running along the original Russian border before the Russians moved into Poland in 1939. The original defences have been neglected and stripped of armaments and now hasty defences have been set up.

BKC II - Down by the Sea
Senario 3.
It’s early in 1942 and the Soviets are trying a counter-offensive on the Crimean coastline
This scenario features an assortment of Soviet forces trying to combine arms in an attack against a mixed German Battlegroup defending a coastal position.

BKC II - A Nasty Encounter
Scenario 4
As part of Fall Blau in 1942 we have a clash of armour and supporting infantry meeting across fairly open terrain.
Although I enjoyed playing this battle I didn't have time to do a Battle Report for this one I'm afraid.

BKC II - To The Next River
Scenario 5
It’s early in 1943 on the Eastern Front and, in their counter-offensive, the Soviets are becoming adept at river crossings. They would try to end the current offensive with a bridgehead over the next river so the the next stage of the offensive would start from a bridgehead instead of with a river crossing.
The Germans learnt to counterattack immediately, with whatever they had to hand, to elliminate such bridgeheads.

BKC II - Prelude To Kursk
Scenario 6
It’s May 1943 on the Eastern Front and both Hitler and Stalin wanted to continue offensives around Kursk. Stalin had been persuaded to absorb the initial German attacks and use the rebuilt Tank and Mechanised Corps in counter-attacks once the Germans had been ground to a halt against the Soviet defences.

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